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About us

Talking about agriculture is talking about Argentina, a country whose unequalled geography offers the most diverse crops. A country that grew and became world-famous thanks to the products of its lands. And alongside the people who worked the land, were the ones who thought about tools that made their work easier and more productive.

With that spirit Apache S.A., was born in 1957 in the city of Las Parejas, Province of Santa Fe, in the heart of the Pampas, initiating its activities as manufacturer of different farm implements. From the beginnings, APACHE has been close to the people who worked the farm, always aware of their needs. Consequently, a few years were enough for Apache to offer the farmers a complete line of tillage implements, seed bed preparation and sowing. In this way, what started as a handmade manufacturing process gradually changed into a mass production, becoming definite at the end of the seventies, with the planning and starting-up of the new Industrial Plant.

Today, Apache S.A., industrial complex has an area of 49 000 m2, with a farm implement manufacturing plant of 17000 m2, one of the best integrated and equipped of its kind, and a nodular and grey casting plant of 5900 m2 for its own production and to supply other companies. Through an efficient organization we fulfil the objectives of maximizing the quantity and quality of the finished products, designed with the latest technologies in its own R&D Department, with 100% control in the manufacturing process. Added to that, APACHE is ISO 9001-2000 certified. This allows APACHE to reach an annual production of 750 units and over 730 tons of cast, creating about 220 jobs to carry out this task.

With more than 50 years of experience Apache S.A. is considered one of the leader companies in the manufacture of different models of drills and planters, both for conventional tillage and no till, as well as self-propelled sprayers, mixers, subsoilers, grain carts and off-set / tandem disks, among other products.

Apart from commercializing all over the country, APACHE exports its products to countries in America, Europe, Africa and Oceania, where they are also renowned for their quality and strength. Thanks to the recognition of its different models, consumer market has placed Apache S.A. as a fundamental reference in the production and commercialization of Argentinian Agricultural Machinery, a consideration that fills us with pride… and forces us to try even harder to continue offering products of the highest quality, constantly updated which hierarchies and distinguishes Argentinian farm work.

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