Even less when Argentine agribusiness is concerned. It was not an easy job to go through long periods of economical, financial, political and social instability.  We are undoubtedly committed to keep growing even in adversity and there are no difficulties which would stop this pushing force.


M r. Carlos Castellani, head of the company, is an industrial entrepreneur who has always borne in mind the need to broaden agricultural horizons. Not only has this leader been the author of the development and consolidation of this company as well as others, but also he has been working corporately in order to position the agribusiness sector.

He points out: “I take forward my three big passions: Family, Company and Politics”.


Going back to the origins, the first implements manufactured by APACHE were immediately accepted by the farmers as they had been designed to meet their demanding needs. The Castellanis, as good immigrants’ descendants, knew the details which only the people who work the land would be able to discover.


Today, farmers continue to choose APACHE´s quality and service, and they have placed it among the leader companies in Argentine seeding equipment manufacturing

Apache S.A industrial plant features a 52000 m2 area. It has a 19000 m2 plant for the manufacturing of farm implements which is one of the best integrated and equipped of its kind. Apart from the well-known seeding equipment, Apache manufactures self-propelled sprayers, mixers, subsoilers, hopper trailers and the new line of APACHE SOLÍS Tractors under licence by Sonalika (India).


Motivated by a growing food demand, and always with the sustainable farming scheme aim, APACHE´s production supplies the national market and as a result of an ongoing export attitude, Apache has positioned in overseas markets such as America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania.


Therefore, these sixty years of sustained growth are being celebrated with special enthusiasm, with the pride of having built up a brand which symbolizes and keeps flags high, committed to optimizing Argentine Farm work.